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  2. After Fukushima, the country opted to decommission its nuclear reactors. The US has a lot to learn from what happened next. View the full article
  3. tRUMP thinks the wheel was invented in the U.S. ... https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-wheel-inventor-rocket_n_5e28b976c5b6779e9c2d1b2f trump... a BIGly stable genius. LOL
  4. At Pwn2Own, hackers had no trouble dismantling systems that help run everything from car washes to nuclear plants—with the prize of taking home the very computers they "pwn." View the full article
  5. The Justice Department has concluded that the evidence underlying multiple warrants authorizing the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page failed to show Page was a foreign agent, as the law requires.... View the full article
  6. CNN announced on Thursday it canceled its Democratic presidential town halls ahead of the Iowa caucuses next month, citing the Senate impeachment schedule.A spokesperson ... View the full article
  7. The House Oversight and Reform Committee on Thursday requested the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provide lawmakers with information about the separation of migrant children from their parents.... View the full article
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  9. A jumble of memorabilia, storyboards and props, an exhibit illustrates the whirl of influences behind Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking 1968 film. View the full article
  10. Jim Lehrer, the legendary debate moderator and former anchor of the “NewsHour” television program, died Thursday. He was 85. Lehrer’s death was announced by his longtime network home, PBS, where he co-founded the “NewsHour” in 1975. PBS said Lehrer died “peacefully in his sleep at home” and did not share further information about the cause of death. Lehrer anchored the “NewsHour,” the flagship newscast on public television in the United States, for 36 years. He retired in 2011. His successor at the anchor desk, Judy Woodruff, said in a statement Thursday, “I’m heartbroken at the loss of someone who was central to my professional life, a mentor to me and someone whose friendship I’ve cherished for decades. I’ve looked up to him as the standard for fair, probing and thoughtful journalism and I know countless others who feel the same way.” Lehrer held the record for presidential debate moderating: He helmed 12 general election debates, “more than any other person in U.S. history,” PBS noted. In his 2011 book “Tension City,” named for his apt description of what debate nights felt like, Lehrer said he had “pre-debate anxieties” no matter how many times he moderated. Anyone entrusted as a moderator must “keep the event fair and moving while staying out of the way,” he wrote. On Thursday CNN anchor Jake Tapper remembered Lehrer as a “wonderful man and superb journalist.” “He was a debate moderator, a US Marine, a former newspaperman, a novelist, an anchorman, a dad, husband and grandpa, a role model,” Tapper wrote. “And he always had time to chat with younger journalists.” Fox News anchor Bret Baier called Lehrer “a legend in our business and a very genuine, gracious man” who inspired a generation of political journalists. Lehrer grew up in Kansas and Texas. Upon graduation from the Missouri School of Journalism in 1956, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and served as an infantry officer. In a 2006 speech at Harvard, he said he expected to be drafted if he did not enlist. “I am grateful my country forced me to serve my country. Not for my country’s sake, but for my own,” Lehrer said in 2006. “In that diverse company, I learned to be responsible for others. I learned to be dependent on others. I learned there was more to life than me, me, me, me.” That same year, while speaking at a Marine museum dedication in Quantico, Virginia, Lehrer said that his service also trained him to remember that decisions about U.S. use of force around the world are decisions “about young lance corporals and second lieutenants and other very real people at all branches of the U.S. military, people with names, ranks, serial numbers, faces, families, and futures that may never be.” After three years of duty, Lehrer returned home and became a reporter at The Dallas Morning News. He later shifted to a rival paper that no longer exists, the Dallas Times Herald, and then entered the television business at KERA, the public broadcaster in Dallas. Lehrer reached a national audience when he joined WETA, the public TV station in Washington, in 1973, and co-anchored PBS coverage of the Senate Watergate hearings with Robert MacNeil. “The hearings, carried live and repeated each night, became a huge and unexpected hit, and MacNeil and Lehrer emerged as its low-key, Emmy-winning stars,” The Washington Post reported. Watergate eventually led to the formation of the “NewsHour” broadcast in 1975. MacNeil and Lehrer anchored together. “Our program caught on because it was original and it answered a real journalistic need,” MacNeil wrote in his memoirs. Over the years Lehrer authored two dozen books, most of them novels, and several plays. Lehrer appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” in December and discussed the importance of “old fashioned journalism values” at a time of division in American politics and a time of revolution in the media. Reflecting on his own coverage of past impeachment proceedings, Lehrer said that President Trump’s impeachment probably has an “even a larger audience” than Nixon’s or Clinton’s, but most Americans are “using their own prism to watch it,” from Fox to PBS. “They’re not gathering around the TV set to watch it like we did in ’73, ’74,” and “with Clinton later. We’re not doing that anymore,” he said. “We probably never will again.” View the full article
  11. One of the United Nations investigators involved in assessing the hack of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos's telephone says other people in regular contact with the powerful Saudi Crown Prince -- such as President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner -- should be careful and replace their phones. View the full article
  12. LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — Police are investigating a burglary where multiple guns, ammunition and money were reported stolen. On January 11, at approximately 10:17 a.m., police responded to the 300 block of Avenue J in Columbia for a report of a burglary not in progress. Upon arrival, the officer observed that both screens on the north side of the house were in the up position and a chair was moved along the fence, which the victim said was not normal. The officer spoke with the victim who said that they had been on vacation and upon returning home they discovered the following items missing from their home: A Springfield Saint AR-15 223/556 with a red dot sight A 60 round drum magazine (serial #ST187449) A Colt 357 Magnum 6 round with a silver finish and black handle (serial #RA215936) A Smith & Wesson Shield 380 (serial #NDN3060) A Black Aces Tactical Pro 12 gauge shotgun with a pistol grip (Serial #PSS02511AA) A Walther CCP 9mm (Serial # WK116078) A Springfield black canvas bag with ammunition and a 3 round magazine for the AR-15 A purple metal tin with $50 in change Anyone with information on this investigation is asked to contact the Columbia Borough Police Department at 717-684-7735 or you can submit a tip. You may also contact Lancaster Crime Stoppers at 1-800-322-1913 or text a tip to Crime Stoppers by using your cell phone. Text LANCS plus your message to 847411. Callers may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names. Now, police will continue to investigate. View the full article
  13. Executives at Fox News shielded the channel's audience on Wednesday night from the impeachment trial proceedings playing out in the United States Senate, instead choosing to air its regular bloc of opinion programming which is strongly supportive of President Donald Trump. View the full article
  14. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) each took shots at Jamie Dimon this week after the JPMorgan Chase CEO derided socialism as something that leads to "eroding society."... View the full article
  15. Authorities in Massachusetts are warning of an electrical "outlet challenge" video on TikTok after three incidents sparked concern, including two in schools. View the full article
  16. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) took a jab at his congressional counterpart Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) during the Senate impeachment trial Wednesday. View the full article
  17. A man confronted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) after a campaign event in Grimes, Iowa, earlier this week to vent frustration that her promise to wipe out student loan debt would not reimburse him for the tuition that he... View the full article
  18. A GOP group headed by former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol is calling on the Senate to oust President Trump and confirm Vice President Pence as his successor.In a press release, Defending Democracy Together s... View the full article
  19. Dan Daniels

    Turzai toast

    You gota know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em.
  20. YORK COUNTY, Pa. — You know baseball season is coming soon when Dan Connolly, a York County resident and senior writer for The Athletic Baltimore, hosts his annual Hot Stove Baseball Talk. Joining him Thursday night at Zion Lutheran Church in Manchester Township will be former Orioles pitcher and current TV and radio baseball analyst Dave Johnson. Johnson spent five year in the Majors and made a lasting impression for the Orioles during the team’s “Why Not?” season in 1989. He now serves as color analyst for MASN and for Orioles’ radio broadcasts. Both Johnson and Connolly will present their thoughts on the league and will answer questions from the audience. The event begins at 7 p.m. in the church’s sanctuary, located at 2215 Brandywine Lane. There’s no admission fee for the event, but a freewill offering will be taken to assist a fundraiser for the church’s youth ministry. View the full article
  21. LTnewsDawg

    Milk: It Does an Impeachment Good

    Mary Norris writes on the expanding definition of milk, which was nominated to be one of the official beverages at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. View the full article
  22. YORK, Pa.– Police are investigating after multiple shots were fired into an occupied residence in Spring Garden Township. On January 22, 2020, at 8:37 p.m., police responded to the 400 block of Devon Road in Spring Garden Township for a report of multiple shots fired into an occupied residence. According to police, there were no injuries. Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact the Spring Garden Township Police Department at 717-843-0851 or 911. The investigation into this case is still ongoing. View the full article
  23. According @FactbaseFeed, an account which tracks Trump's Twitter habits, Trump sent 142 tweets and retweets on Wednesday -- eclipsing his previous single-day presidential record of 123. (Trump's total on Wednesday was the second-most of his entire Twitter life, according to Factbase and flagged by CNN's fact checker Daniel Dale.) When does this FUCKer work? He just tweets and plays golf. 142 tweets in a single day? You gotta be FUCKin' me!
  24. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) rolled out a proposal Wednesday that would create a nonpartisan committee of residents to redraw the Badger State's electoral map.In his State of the State address, Evers introduced th... View the full article
  25. ABC News is adding more live news programming to their online streaming services.The company will be launching "ABC News Live," according to a report from ... View the full article
  26. A new campaign to mobilize millions of low-income voters across the country ahead of this year's presidential contest aims to radically reshape the way politicians - and especially Democrats - talk about a booming economy... View the full article
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