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    You gota know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em.
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  4. According @FactbaseFeed, an account which tracks Trump's Twitter habits, Trump sent 142 tweets and retweets on Wednesday -- eclipsing his previous single-day presidential record of 123. (Trump's total on Wednesday was the second-most of his entire Twitter life, according to Factbase and flagged by CNN's fact checker Daniel Dale.) When does this FUCKer work? He just tweets and plays golf. 142 tweets in a single day? You gotta be FUCKin' me!
  5. On Wednesday, Donald Trump wrote his name in the history books. Or, more accurately, tweeted it. View the full article
  6. Jim Lehrer, the legendary debate moderator and former anchor of the "NewsHour" television program, died Thursday. He was 85. View the full article
  7. This month alone, *Cyberpunk 2077*, *Marvel’s Avengers*, *Dying Light 2*, and *Final Fantasy VII Remake* have all been pushed back. For some, it's probably for the best. View the full article
  8. It's day two for House Democrats to convince senators that President Donald Trump should be removed from office — and a test for senators who seem to be growing more restless by the hour as the impeachment trial drags on. View the full article
  9. Actress Annabella Sciorra is in court for Harvey Weinstein's criminal trial, setting up what could be the first face-to-face testimony from one of the women who has accused him of sexual assault. View the full article
  10. LTnewsDawg

    Daily Cartoon: Thursday, January 23rd

    Jon Adams’s Daily Cartoon about the death of Mr. Peanut. View the full article
  11. To view past editions of The Hill's 12:30 Report, click here: ... View the full article
  12. Showers move in late Friday into Saturday morning. Rainfall totals near an inch will be the norm by lunch time Saturday. HEADING INTO THE WEEKEND: We keep the cloud cover this evening and into the overnight time frame. This allows temperatures to stay up in the 20s starting Friday morning. Winds remain mostly light. Highs Friday hit the mid-to-upper 40s. Heading into the evening and overnight, scattered showers take over the area. This is the storm system we were concerned with for winter weather potential earlier this week. However, it looks like this is going to end up as mostly rain for the entire area continuing into Saturday morning. Occasional heavy downpours will occur as well with a pretty good amount of rain when all is said and done. Rainfall totals around an inch will be the norm with locally higher and lower totals possible. We dry out in the afternoon but keep most of the cloud cover. High temperatures stay in the 40s after an overnight low in the mid-30s Saturday morning. Winds gust to 20-25MPH Sunday. AS THE RAIN ENDS: Continuing into Saturday evening, we keep most of the cloud cover as winds slowly increase overnight. Lows dip near freezing. As the winds increase, flurries will be possible into Sunday, especially earlier on in the day. Afternoon highs hit near 40-degrees, but wind chills will feel like the upper-20s and low-30s with that cold northwest wind. The breezes persist overnight Sunday and into Monday morning. STARTING NEXT WEEK: Afternoon temperatures reach the low-40s Monday with partly-to-mostly cloudy skies. Breezy conditions persist. Morning lows near 30-degrees will be the norm through Wednesday with a bit more sunshine popping out by Tuesday. Temperatures also slowly rise into the mid-to-upper 40s both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon as we look to dry out for a little bit into the middle of next week. Stay “Weather Smart” with the FOX43 Weather Team all week long! -Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann View the full article
  13. A live stream of Thursday’s impeachment proceedings, in which the Democratic House managers are expected to discuss the constitutional implications of President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. View the full article
  14. (CNN) – Australia has already dealt with extreme fires, flooding and hail this year. Now experts are warning people to watch out for deadly funnel-web spiders due to “perfect conditions” for the arachnid to thrive. Native to the moist forest regions of eastern Australia, several funnel-web species are known for their highly toxic and fast-acting venom. On Wednesday, the Australian Reptile Park — based in Somersby, in New South Wales state — said spider activity had increased in recent days. “Because of the recent rain and now the hot days we are now experiencing, funnel-web spiders will start to move around,” park spokesman Daniel Rumsey said in a video posted on Facebook. “Funnel-web spiders are potentially one of the most dangerous spiders on the planet, in terms of a bite towards humans, and we have to treat it very seriously.” Australia has been ravaged by the worst wildfires seen in decades, with large swaths of the country devastated since the fire season began in late July. At least 28 people have died nationwide — and in the state of New South Wales alone, more than 3,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged. Severe thunderstorms delivered relief to some areas late last week, although flash flooding created new risks. Parts of southeastern Australia were also pelted by hailstones the size of golf balls, big enough to smash car windows and injure birds, less than 24 hours after the region was hit by massive dust storms. Warren Bailey, owner of ABC Pest Control Sydney, told CNN that funnel-webs are normally active during the summer, but the spider season arrived later than usual this year because the weather has been “very dry” in the past few months. “Their venom is pretty toxic and can kill someone,” he said. “The funnel-webs are now out with the recent rains, (and) they can go into people’s houses on the ground or from the roof.” View the full article
  15. An Arizona mother killed her three children, all under age 4, by smothering them, and one of the victims yelled and punched her to try and stop her, a court document shows. Rachel Henry, 22, was arrested on suspicion of killing her 7-month-old and 1-year-old daughters, along with her 3-year-old son. Earlier reports from police had listed the middle child’s age as 2. Authorities found all three children dead in their Phoenix home Monday evening after someone called 911 to report unspecified trouble, Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune said. “Rachel admitted to smothering each child, starting with the 1-year-old,” a probable cause statement says. Henry told investigators the girl kicked her as she smothered her while the toddler son yelled and punched her to try to stop her, according to the statement. After the girl was dead, Henry chased the 3-year-old, the statement says, but was interrupted when other adults arrived at the house. One of them played with the boy for a while. She then took the 3-year-old to a back bedroom and sang to him as she placed her hand over his nose and mouth, the statement says. The boy scratched her chest and pinched her to try to get her to stop, it says. After she killed the two oldest children, she fed the 7-month-old a bottle and smothered her while she slept, the statement says. She sang to the baby until she became unconscious then placed all the children on the living room couch like they were taking a nap, it adds. Henry gave a voluntary statement admitting to all the details of the killings, police say. She faces three counts of first-degree murder and made her first court appearance Tuesday, but she did not have an attorney and did not enter a plea. A judge set bond at $3 million and ordered an attorney be appointed for her by the state. Appearing by videoconference from the jail, Henry said little except to express concern about the bond amount. “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to get any money,” said Henry. “I don’t have a job or anything.” The 911 call came from the home, but Fortune said it’s unclear who made the call. At least two other adults were in the home the night the children were killed, police say. It’s unclear whether they were all present at the same time. When officers arrived after 7:20 p.m. Monday, Henry was at the Phoenix home with the children’s father and another relative, police said. A witness whose name is redacted in the report told police that Henry had been acting strangely the past few days and had a methamphetamine addiction. But the court documents indicate she was not under the influence of drugs at the time of the offense. Henry has only lived in Arizona since June and appears to have few ties to the community, the prosecuting attorney said. View the full article
  16. Fox News led in ratings for the first day of network coverage of President Trump's impeachment trial, which had 11 million viewers across six networks.The Tuesday proceedings were carried from the Senate floor by F... View the full article
  17. Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment Missing Attachment DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– The TSA has confiscated hundreds of prohibited items from passengers at the Harrisburg International Airport checkpoint over the past year. Today, officials gathered at the airport to discuss and showcase the prohibited items that items have brought to Harrisburg in their carry-on bags. FOX43’s Jamie Bittner will have more from officials at the airport on FOX43 News. View the full article
  18. A West Virginia school district is reportedly investigating a drawing showing a noose that referenced a black basketball player from another school.... View the full article
  19. SAN JOSE, Calif. – Several members attending a furry convention in California on Friday helped restrain a man who was assaulting his girlfriend until police arrested him, according to officials. Six people witnessed the assault at the annual Further Confusion, or FurCon, in San Jose. Furries are enthusiasts who celebrate characters and stories involving anthropomorphic animals, or fictitious characters that have human traits. They said the man was assaulting a woman in a car, the San Jose Police Department said in a police report. Robbie Ryans, 26, was working as a DJ for the convention when he and a friend went outside for a smoke break. “Out of nowhere,” Ryans said a blue car stopped in front of them. “We heard a woman’s screams coming from inside and saw the passenger throwing full fists at whoever was driving.” Ryans told CNN. “We got up and ran towards the car, my friend pulled open the door and we both held onto the attacker. The girl driver was yelling for him to get out, as he started trying to fight us off.” Four other people who were attending the convention joined in and helped grab the man, drag him out of the car, and restrain him until police arrived. Once he the felt the situation was under control, Ryans said he backed up and began filming the incident. When police arrived, they alleged that the suspect, 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett, assaulted his girlfriend in their car, according to the police report. Hardnett was arrested and booked into Santa Clara County Jail for domestic violence. CNN could not determine if Hardnett has a lawyer. “It all happened so fast, I still can’t believe it,” Ryans said. “I’m so glad everything worked out in the end. It was a horrible sight to see. Afterward we were very shaken up but relieved.” For those wondering, the furry fandom is a community of enthusiasts who celebrate characters and stories involving anthropomorphic animals — in other words — fictitious animal characters that have human traits. View the full article
  20. The 2.96-millimeter gold coin weighs 1/500th of an ounce and has a nominal value of 26 cents U.S. View the full article
  21. Senators on Wednesday night agreed to admit a classified document from an aide to Vice President Pence into the impeachment trial following closed-door deliberations.The one-page document relate... View the full article
  22. Scientists used a 3-D printer, a loudspeaker and computer software to recreate a part of the voice of a 3,000-year-old mummy. View the full article
  23. For the entirety of Donald Trump's presidency, I have gone through the transcript of a good number of the speeches and interviews he has given. In doing that, one thing has become crystal clear to me: He is one of the least articulate -- if not the least articulate -- politicians ever to make it onto the national stage. View the full article
  24. Vice President Pence's office on Thursday quashed talk that the United Kingdom's Prince Charles had snubbed Pence during a visit to the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem.A video, which quickly gained steam on Twit... View the full article
  25. The movie could hit theaters in 2022. View the full article
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