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LNP - An embarrassing and destructive commitment

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Regarding President Donald Trump’s early executive orders on immigration and their results in the courts, Benjamin Wittes offers that the orders were the product of malevolence and incompetence. That is, they were in no way based upon careful study or traditional party positions. Instead, as Michael Dorf elaborates, “they were the product of his own impulsive ... instincts and his showman’s talent for gaining attention.”

Matthew Yglesias suggested “there is something heartening about the revelation that the new president has no idea what he is doing” and that “it’s reassuring to know that a malevolent administration’s actions will be tempered by incompetence.”

That would clearly be true if that leader had to go it alone. Instead, the problems of Trump have become bonded tightly to and with the Republican Party.

As they did earlier with President George W. Bush, the party’s leaders and followers, according to Peter Suderman, “have formed a partisan phalanx around the president, playing down his flaws, if not refusing to acknowledge them.”

The party seems to be sacrificing the somewhat limited unity they have had on significant issues to join the president in his latest impulsive efforts — and to shamelessly praise him as they do so. They seem to have no fear or understanding of what they are doing to their party’s standards and future.

As conservative Michael Gerson writes, “The nearly uniform cowardice among elected Republicans is staggering. One is left wishing that ‘Obamacare’ covered spine transplants.” What seemed to be a temporary political compromise has become an embarrassing and destructive commitment. Clearly, GOP leaders and legislators have to answer for the support they have offered this malevolent and incompetent “leader.”

Finally, if you wonder why Lancaster County liquor sales have gone up by 5.7 percent in the past year, consider the above.

Terry W. Blue

Manor Township


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