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LNP - Always Listening: A supporter and critic of President Donald Trump discuss his presidency

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For supporters and critics alike, President Donald Trump is a big topic. Nevertheless, in our February “Always Listening” feature, we invited two regular letter writers to discuss the president, his policies and his personality.

Retired executive Frank Fryburg and retired college professor Louise Barnett went back and forth for some 30 minutes on Feb. 12. Deputy Opinion Editor Rich Manieri moderated the discussion.

Our participants had very different views on the president, but the conversation was civil and lively. Fryburg and Barnett were even able to find some areas of common ground.

Here is an abbreviated version of the discussion. Below is the full-length discussion.

As always, the goal of “Always Listening” is to encourage listening to a different perspective, and to find at least one point on which the two participants can agree.

As the months go on, we will tackle other matters discussed on our Op-Ed/Letters page, including local politics; property taxes and education funding; religion in public spaces; the opioid epidemic; gerrymandering; immigration; guns and the Second Amendment; and military spending.

We are grateful to those who write letters to LNP.

If you have written a letter, or letters, to the editor on an issue you feel strongly about, and wish to participate in an “Always Listening” segment, please contact me or Manieri. Here is our contact information:

Suzanne Cassidy: scassidy@lnpnews.com; 717-291-8694.

Rich Manieri: rmanieri@lnpnews.com; 717-481-6132.

You also may email: lancasterletters@lnpnews.com

Here is the full-length version of the discussion:


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