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York County woman accused of biting, kicking her care-dependent husband, threatening to kill his daughter

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YORK COUNTY — A 71-year-old Dillsburg woman will undergo pre-trail proceedings later this summer on charges of neglect of a care-dependent person, harassment, and terroristic threats after police say she bit, kicked, and neglected her near-invalid husband and threatened to kill his daughter in incidents late last year and early this year.

Joann M. Fetrow, of Scotch Pine Road, is free on bail, court documents say. Her pre-trial conferences are scheduled for Aug. 8.

Fetrow was first charged with neglect of a care dependent person on Jan. 1 after police investigated claims made by Tanya Haller, the daughter of Nolan Fetrow, who took over custody and care of her father in October 2018.

According to Northern York County Regional Police, a member of the York County Area on Aging contacted them on Oct. 16, 2018, stating concern that Joann Fetrow would not cooperate with the transfer of care for Nolan Fetrow to Haller granted by his agency.

Joann Fetrow became irate over the phone when notified of the transfer of care, police say.

Police responded to the Fetrow residence, where Joann Fetrow allegedly expressed her disgust for Haller, calling her names as for taking Nolan Fetrow away from her, police say.

On Oct. 18, 2018, Haller contacted police to report that a bite mark had been found on Nolan Fetrow’s right arm, according to a criminal complaint affidavit. Police responded to Haller’s New Cumberland residence and spoke to Nolan Fetrow. The officer noted that Nolan Fetrow was “on the verge of being an invalid,” and was in a wheelchair. He appeared to be “very frail,” police say, and was unable to grip the officer’s hand when he offered to shake it.

The bite mark on Nolan Fetrow’s arm was clearly visible, the officer noted in his report.

Nolan Fetrow told police that he was bitten by Joann Fetrow on Oct. 14, 2018. He told police she was yelling at him and he became afraid that she was going to hit him, so he put his hand on her arm to try and stop her. At that point, he told police, Joann Fetrow bit him on the arm.

Nolan Fetrow also reported that Joann Fetrow had repeatedly kicked him in the ribs after discovering he had fallen out of bed, police say.

Charges in that incident were filed on Jan. 1, according to the criminal complaint.

In a separate incident on Feb. 11 of this year, Haller contacted police again and reported that her cousin had been contacted by Joann Fetrow, who allegedly told Haller’s cousin that Haller was “trying to put her in jail,” and that she would kill Haller before that happened, according to police.

Police spoke to Haller’s cousin, who said Joann Fetrow was “extremely angry” about the charges against her. Joann Fetrow told the cousin no one in her family was speaking to her and she blamed Haller for that. Joann Fetrow allegedly threatened to kill Haller twice in their conversation, police say.

The relative told police she believed Haller was in danger, according to police.

Haller told police she was taking steps to protect herself against Joann Fetrow, who had attacked her in the past.

Police charged Joann Fetrow with terroristic threats and harassment in the second incident.


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