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WATCH: Jamband Phish honors Blues’ Stanley Cup win by covering ‘Gloria’ at show in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS — Imagine it for a second.

You’re at your favorite band’s rock concert when your home team wins the championship, hundreds of miles away. And then, in a twist, the light goes out and the band returns from set break only to bust out your home team’s anthem — the one that inspired their now historic season, and the arena erupts.

If you’re bouncing around the room just imagining the scene, well, you get it, mister. Completely.

That’s how it went for fans of the seminal rock band Phish and the Blues in St. Louis Wednesday night, when the band broke out “Gloria” moments after the St. Louis Blues beat the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup.

For fans of both, it was a night they’ll never forget. To top it off, the band segued into their own rocking version of The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup,” a pretty clear reference to Lord Stanley’s highly desired trophy.

“Gloria,” for the uninitiated, is a love song covered in 1982 by American singer Laura Branigan. It was pretty popular in the mid-80s, and from there, was retired to classic radio stations and side-alley bar jukebox machines — nearly a waste.

That’s where, the story goes, a few members of the Blues hockey team heard it — they were visiting the Philadelphia Flyers and, dead last in the league, decided to go out to a bar to watch the Eagles in an NFL playoff game. Every time “Gloria” was played, the bar lit up.

About to run, the boys took the lesson to the locker room, then home to the Blues arena, and the rest, Suzy Greenberg, is history.


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