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Perry County man accused of striking woman during domestic dispute

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HUMMELSTOWN — Police have charged a 22-year-old Perry County man with burglary, simple assault, harassment, and scattering rubbish after a domestic incident that occurred Wednesday in Hummelstown.

Nathan D. Martin, of Duncannon, was charged after police were dispatched to the 100 block of Evergreen St. for the report of a domestic dispute, police say.

The incident occurred around 8:48 p.m.

According to police, Martin claimed that his girlfriend had chased him with a knife when officers arrived at the scene. The woman disputed his account, claiming that Martin had struck her.

Police say the victim claimed she and Martin were driving to a church on the west shore at about 7 p.m. when they began arguing. Martin allegedly told the victim to walk home, or get an Uber ride. The victim said she did not have money and called her ex-husband for a ride. The man dropped her off at her home around 8:30, the victim told police.

About five minutes after she got home, the victim claimed, Martin arrived at her home and demanded to be left in. The victim refused, telling him to return the next day. Martin then picked up a trash can and threw it at the back door of the home, scattering its contents, according to the victim’s account.

The victim told police she collected Martin’s jacket and shoes and threw them out the front door. She then picked up his laptop and met him at the front door to give it to him when Martin forced his way into the home, pushing her into a closet door and causing her to fall.

The victim then went outside and placed Martin’s computer on his jacket, she told police. When she returned inside, Martin allegedly struck her in the head with his fist, causing a lump in the area above her right temple. He then kicked her in the stomach, the victim reported.

The victim told police she picked up a candle encased in glass and struck Martin with it, causing the glass to shatter. She then grabbed a wooden ornament in the shape of the letter “N,” with a pointed green stick protruding from it, and chased Martin out of the house, the victim reported.

At that point, she called police, the victim said.


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