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CNN- Opinion: OK Boomer, OK Millennial, we need to talk

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“Turns out young people trying to launch into a gig economy with little job security on a rapidly warming planet, with far less opportunity for the wealth and creature comforts that their parents and grandparents enjoyed (A car? A house? Ha!) don't want to be lectured by Baby Boomers, the generation who put them into this kind of shape.”

This is why no one trusts CNN.  This makes millennials look like complete jerks.   “Wealth and creature comforts?“   Ah poor millennial...Lol they can’t be serious.  A car? A house?    Care to talk about car and house ownership in 1975?   Job security in 60s 70s and early 80s?   Of course you cant call CNN out on their BS cause like the fascists they are they don’t allow public comment on their made up agenda driven stories.  
Ask how many square feet of climate controlled personal space the average boomer had compared to the millennial in their school and home.    I was at spooky nook a few weeks ago wow what’s the carbon footprint of that place heating and cooling and lighting 24 hours a day?    Ask how many miles they were chauffeured around in cars and planes.      If you want to talk carbon footprint millennials are 10xs as large easy.         


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