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Mechanicsburg Borough sends cease and desist notice to third-party website collecting residents’ sewer and trash payments


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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — Mechanicsburg’s borough manager announced Wednesday that the borough has sent notice to a third-party website to cease collecting fees in the borough’s name after several residents have reported being assessed late fees by the website, which is allegedly not crediting payments until after the due date.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, borough manager Roger Ciecierski told residents that the site is not affiliated with the Mechanicsburg Borough.

“We did not ask them to, nor do we condone them collecting payments for us,” Ciecierski’s post said.

The third-party websites are not responsible for late fees if residents choose to use them to pay their bills, Ciecierski said.

“These sites mail a check to the Borough, and we credit your account when they are received,” he said. “The resident is responsible for late fees assessed on their account.”

Ciecierski pointed out that the borough’s website has a section where residents can pay their sewer and trash bills directly.

“Due to the issues we have been having with the third-party site, we have sent notice to them that they are to cease collecting fees in the Borough name and remove all references to the Borough of Mechanicsburg from their website,” Ciecierski said.


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