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Pollster: President Trump more popular with male voters than female voters

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EAST PENNSBORO TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Jim Lee, President & CEO of Susquehanna Polling & Research, said the repeated visits from the president and vice president over the past several years have been very deliberate, and now their campaign has to work just as hard to make Pennsylvania a red state in this upcoming election.

Just one day after President Trump's State of the Union Speech, his words are blasted from a 'Trump Truck' outside of the Radisson Hotel in New Cumberland, hours before Vice President Mike Pence is expected to show up for the Women's Rally.

"I don't think we have to sway women voters at all," Chris Delvecchio of Dillsburg, said. "I think the women vote for Trump and Pence has been strong, especially in this state. The data proves it, the polling proves it."

According to Lee, President Trump is more popular with male voters than female voters.

"I think that has something to do with his tone and his style of governing, more so than his policies," Lee said. "So I think that the emphasis for the Trump campaign is to probably narrow that, what we call "gender gap."

Lee said according to his polling and focus group, women tend to be more concerned about education and health care, more than other economic issues like taxes and spending.

"I think to some extent, the trump campaign is going to play to the same strengths that they would use when they're speaking to male voters, which is, 'hey women care about jobs, women also care about strong economies'," Lee said. "They care about wage growth. But he's going to make a concerted appeal I think to really tap in to some other traditional republican issues like health care and education."

He believes Pence will likely address the accomplishments by the Trump Administration, and compare that to the house democrats strategy to impeach him.

"I think that might be part of Pence's message today which is to say, 'we have a President that is trying to bring people together and talk about how we can work together and here are the things we have done in the past three years'," Lee said.


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