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VP Mike Pence ‘Women for Trump’ rally brings both supporters and protesters to Cumberland County

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — President Trump supporters and protestors are making their voices heard.

On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence visited to the Keystone state for a ‘Women for Trump’ rally.

His first stop was in Philadelphia, before making his way to Camp Hill’s Radisson hotel.

Most women in attendance tell Fox43 one of the main reasons they support President Trump is because of his policies.

“I think he’s done a great job with the economy. We are excited to have Trump another four years in office,” said one of his supporters.

Others say they believe the changes President Trump has made, go unrecognized.

“He’s doing a lot of positive things that people have a tendency not to focus on they tend to focus on the negative,” said Gina Camut, supporter.

However, President Trump’s history of making derogatory comments against females isn’t stopping his supporters.

“Yeah, there are some comments Trump has made that I don’t agree with completely, but I think a lot of things that he says that are taken out of context,” said one woman.

Across the street LGBTQ club students at Harrisburg Academy say they found it hard to see eye to eye with some of President Trump’s supporters as they waived a pride flag in front of the Radisson Hotel.

“When we were out here today and we were doing the honk for pride we got so many supporters Trump supporters, Pence supporters flipping us off giving thumbs down and we saw that in person,” said Eugenia Karagiannis, student at Harrisburg Academy.

Other protesters say they will continue to push back.

“I am here because I want to show my support for what I believe in. This is a really important year for us. I support women but Trump does not support women and that’s been shown by his actions,” said Tara Speck.

The next ‘Women for Trump’ rally with Vice President Mike Pence will be held Monday Feb. 10 in New Hampshire.


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