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Vice President Pence campaigns for Trump with PA women

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EAST PENNSBORO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a Women for Trump event, taking the stage a day after President Donald Trump held the State of the Union Address and one hour after the president was acquitted of all impeachment charges.

"Just a little while ago, the United States Senate voted to acquit President Donald Trump of both articles of impeachment," Pence told an enthusiastic crowd.

The event was the second major Trump campaign event in Pennsylvania in three months; President Trump held a rally in Hershey in December.

Pennsylvania is considered a key battleground station for the 2020 presidential election, having backed Democratic President Barack Obama in 2012 and Republican candidate Donald Trump in 2016. With 20 electoral votes, the Keystone State could decide who wins the White House. As the election draws closer, campaigns will likely direct more attention and hold more events in the state.

"Here in Pennsylvania you believe we could be strong again," Pence said.

The vice president said women gained 4.1. million new jobs since taking office, and that women were filling 70 of new jobs.

"Women are winning under the leadership of President Donald Trump," Pence said.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos also took the stage to promote the Trump Administration's proposed $5 billion school voucher program.

"President Trump will bring education freedom to all of America`s families," DeVos said. "Education freedom is not just the ability to choose a different school building. It's the freedom for all students to find their fit."

Pence said the Trump administration has made progress on issues ranging from national security to trade deals and the economy. He urged voters to give the president a second term.

The crowd responded with chants of "Four more years!"

The Trump campaign is targeting female voters in Pennsylvania, where 34% of women think Trump is doing an excellent or good job, compared to 43% of men, according to a Franklin and Marshall College poll.


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