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Lancaster police chief did not share views on progressive policing: Mayor Sorace


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Farmer Vincent
2 hours ago, lanzate said:

What stinks about this is it took a facebook post from the chief's wife for the mayor to suddenly realize that she cannot work with the guy anymore because there might be different politics in his family.  Obvious she never took the time to get to know him before and now simply does not want to.  How many city officers and employees are on pins and needles right now giving "the talk" with their family members telling them to keep their opinions to themselves.  

Hearing Jess King dance around this you could tell she was uncomfortable with it but her response was well he resigned and that’s all.    The new America is for all of us.... unless you think differently than me then goodbye.  

She didn't get to know him?  Mayors and the heads of departments have many meetings and do get to know each other.  And the article stated that they had discussions about the direction of the police department for over four months.  

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Farmer Vincent
22 minutes ago, simpleton said:

And things were fine until the post from his wife.  If the reason for his forced resignation was what she said, there would have been no need for the non disclosure agreement.   Unless it was to keep him from disparaging her.  

Mayor Sorace is a pretty decent person and I'm guessing that she didn't want their differences to turn into a fight and affect his future prospects or give a bad impression to Lancastrians.  Bottom line though, is that she's boss and it doesn't seem like she's trying to micro-manage the PD, but instead make a fundamental change in direction for the city as a whole.  If it's back to community policing, then it's probably a good thing.  

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