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Operation Warp Speed Chief Adviser Estimates That Life in America Will Return to Normal in May


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Operation Warp Speed Chief Adviser Estimates That Life in America Will Return to Normal in May

In an interview on Sunday with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Slaoui was asked when he expects the first American to be vaccinated against Covid-19 now that Pfizer has submitted its emergency use authorization application to the FDA.

“Our plan is to be able to ship vaccines to the immunization sites within 24 hours of approval,” Slaoui answered. “So I expect maybe on day two after approval, on the 11th or the 12th of December. Hopefully, the first people to be immunized across the United States, across all states in all of the areas where the state departments will have told us where to deliver the vaccines.”

Tapper followed up by asking, “How many Americans need to be vaccinated for life to be able to return to normal and when might that happen?” Slaoui responded that with the level of efficacy shown by the most promising experimental vaccines “70 percent or so of the population being immunized would allow for true herd immunity to take place.”

“That is likely to happen in the month of May or something like that, based on our plans,” he continued. “I really hope and look forward to seeing that the level of negative perception of the vaccine decreases and peoples’ acceptance increases. That is going to be critical to help us. Most people need to be immunized before we can go back to a normal life.”


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