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Legal News Doesn'T Work Right

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In every other forum, the last post is shown on the home page, an it appears first in the forum topic listings (after any pinned topics.)


Right now, there are 6 posts from LTNewsDawg showing the same time stamp. The one showing on the front page, however, is the third post in the listings inside.


While the forum software shows the hour and minute, Linux systems keep track of time in terms of seconds since January 1, 1970, so these posts likely have different timestamps, even though they display the same time. But in any case, why is the latest post in one page, the third-;latest inside?


This isn't the first time it's happened. It happens all the time, but only in this one forum. And it doesn't really affect usability. There aren't very many of us posting in that forum, and I suspect not many more are bothering to read any of the posts. On the other hand, after months of this, I thought I'd mention it,...

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